Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Few Good Men and Women Needed. Please Volunteer.

Items with an * require help this school year as well as the 2014-15 school year.
Key Position
Brief Description
Importance to BCS
Passport Club
Bring geography to BCS!  Passport has been a long standing nationally support PTA effort to enhance the geography in our schools.  We will need to look at the current program and evaluate how we can create an interesting experience at 2 campuses (2nd-8th grade program).  This is a year-round program that will need several hours of support per month.
Great opportunity to teach geography, which is not included in basic curriculum.
Spook A Rama
Lead/support effort for BCS Fall Halloween carnival and fundraiser.  This effort is requires several hours per week leading up to the event and significant work the night of the event.
Raises about $6500 annually
Rummage Sale *
Lead spring rummage sale fund raiser.  School rummage sale in April.  Requires a few hours leading up to the event, with a huge effort Thursday-Saturday the weekend of the event.
Raises about $5000 annually
Volunteer Coordinators
We need 3-5 individuals to help solicit volunteers for various PTA events (such as those listed here).  Requires year-round effort.  This role solicits volunteers versus a large amount of leading various efforts.  Ideally we need at least one person on each campus.
Critical role in support volunteer efforts at BCS. 
Casino Night / Misc Fundraiser
The PTA would like to begin another fundraiser during the year.  This position will look at various options of events and make a proposal to PTA, as well as lead effort, or find volunteers to support event.

Run For The Arts *
Two to three individuals work with the national program to administer the event.  Hours are spent on preparing for the event and post-event tracking and collecting of donations.  Volunteers are also needed to help count laps, tally donation sheets, hand out T-shirts and awards and, best of all, share time with students as they run laps at the Grant High School track.
This event raises money for art programs, assemblies, artist in residence programs and the like at Beverly Cleary School. 

Other Lead Volunteer Roles

Work with middle grade students to develop the product (including photography and written content), submit to photography company for production, help with collecting orders and distribution
Green Team
Volunteers will help campuses implement Green School environmental principles, including Earth Day activities.
Art Cards (or other items)
Collect student art work that will be transformed into cards/items that the student’s family can purchase.  This event was not completed in 2013/2014 due to lack of volunteer support.
Clothing Closet
Clothing Closet provides needy families of PPS children a place to “shop” for donated, gently-used clothing.  Volunteers from PPS schools staff the PTA Clothing Closet, located at Marshall HS, on specific dates throughout the year.
Chess Club
This is a volunteer-run club for children grades K through 8.  You don’t have to know how to play, just be willing to learn.  Chess is a fun and very popular activity for the kids as well as a great learning tool
Teacher Appreciation Week
This position is to guide the school through teacher appreciation week.  You will help coordinate and communicate a lunch for the teachers, a coffee day, cards from the kids, a sweet treat….or?  It’s up to you if you take the lead.